Resolving Uncertainties

man drawing face in sand

Permeable practitioners recognise uncertainties as a prompt to learn and they seek to resolve their uncertainties by engaging in a variety of activities.

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Being Permeable

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Permeable practitioners expect and recognise uncertainties in practice. This is because they are self-aware, aware of and for others, awareness-sharing, feedback-seeking, open to alternatives, critically aware and willing to change.

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Practice Uncertainties

person walking along beach

When I spoke with health professionals about supervision in my PhD research, I noticed how often they talked about their uncertainties in day-to-day practice. I noticed three main sources of uncertainty

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A Platform for Practice

wooden structure

A platform for practice refers to a synthesis of our knowledge, skills, experiences in and out of work, personal qualities and preferences. In combination, these elements underpin and support us to prepare, engage in and deliver our everyday practice.

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